Rev. Bup Lee has a Masters degree in Won Buddhist Studies and Oriental Medicine (MA). He is a ordained Won Buddhist Minister and also licensed Acupuncturist.  He has a PhD in Oriental Medicine, with an emphasis in integrative oriental medicine.

  He has extensive training in Tui-Na (Acupressure), Tai Chi, and meditation. Having a background in Buddhism, He was drawn to heal the mind and body with Meditation practice and acupuncture treatment.  As an acupuncturist and health&wellness expert, he focuses on helping people restore balance and bring vibrant health to their lives. While completing his graduate degree in Oriental Medicine, He was inspired to complement training with the study of the Mind and Body Healing Medicine. This science-based model of medicine views the body as an integrated whole and aims to treat the underlying cause of chronic disease by acupuncture treatment.

  He also has pursued the practice of meditation for over 20 years and Tai Chi for 15 years. He offers Tai Chi Meditation Therapy to augment his clients’ healing, and provide them with tools to cultivate balance, beauty, and connection to spirit in their lives.

  He wants everyone to lead a life of happiness, filled with hope and grace. If anxiety, stress, depression, or any pain are part of your story and/or diagnosis consider acupuncture. It might lead to better days, and more sleep-filled nights, free from the destructive patterns stress can relate.


  • M.S in Won Buddhist Studies, Won Institute of Graduated Studies, Glenside, PA

  • Ph.D. in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at American Liberty University, New Fort Beach, CA.

  • M.S. in the Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at South Baylo University, Los Angeles, CA,

  • Wonkwang University in South Korea : Bachelor of Won Buddhism Studies


Founder of Won Moving Meditation

Rev. DaeSung Song has practiced the martial arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido for 34 years, and has studied Tai chi, Baguazhang, and the healing internal energy arts of Qigong and Hatha Yoga for 24 years. He has won awards in international martial arts competitions and has taught in Korea, China, and the United States. Rev. Song’s true skill comes through in his ability to teach students at all levels with humility and gentleness. He was fortunate to spend his early training with the Venerable Master Daesan (Third Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism); this led him to serve as a Buddhist Chaplain in the Korean Army. After his service, Rev. Song majored in Won Buddhism and Meditation at WonKwang University and then was ordained in 2001. Rev. Song teaches acupuncture, sitting and moving meditation, and vital energy studies at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. He integrates healing and meditation into daily life, aspiring to create an enlightened society through the care of mind, body, and spirit.


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